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A Bicycle Owner’s Guide to Locking Bikes

It isn’t rare to have someone come home and narrate an unhappy story of how they lost a seat, wheel or the entire bicycle to theft. In most cases, these thefts are due to carelessness in locking the bike.So, locking your bike becomes the obvious choice to secure your bike safely.

Here is a list of methods to employ, along with using a robust bike lock, to ensure maximum protection.


This is, of course, the basic feature you would expect from any lock but it is essential that the locking system for bikes is stronger as it is usually parked in the outdoor, rugged environment where the probability of it getting stolen is high.

Affordable and Credible

When you go out to buy locks for your bicycle you are looking at something that is strong as well as affordabl but often you may come across cheap copies of the major brands, and you may be tempted to buy. Thus, your lock too should be light and simple to go with it.

U Lock

As the name suggests, bicycle U lock is U-shaped, the ends of which fit into a crossbar that locks with a key.

Chain Locks

In case you don’t have space for you U-lock, you may opt for this one made of a metal chain with a protective nylon cover.

Cable Lock

Cable bike locks are created from braided steel cord which is covered with durable plastic.

Be worry free while working using these different locks to keep your bike safe.

Locking your bike

First and foremost – always lock your bike! It only takes the thief a few seconds to ride off on an unlocked bike.Either lock the front wheel together with the rear one or use two separate bike locks to secure your cycle. Also make sure you remove all the clip-off items and accessories such as water bottles, saddlebags, and lights.

Most public places in your city will have parking spots for bicycles so use them. Also, avoid leaving your bicycle in the care of security guards or doormen who will not be in the position to leave their post in case someone chooses to take off with your bike. The designs of the best provider are both battery operated and rechargeable bike lights.

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