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The Necessity of Cleaning Your Grease Traps

One item that we always find in our kitchens is grease. Almost every type of cooking involves grease and this should make us look at our grease traps once in a while. This task of cleaning your grease trap regularly is of utmost importance especially for restaurant owners because there is a tendency to forget this since we are mostly concerned about simply cooking and cleaning the utensils that we used. If you want a truly successful restaurant business, then it is important for your grease trap to be cleaned regularly. below are some reminders of how important grease trap cleaning is.

The function of a grease trap is to catch grease before it reaches the normal drainage system. The consistency of fats and oils make it difficult to drain properly in a liquid drainage system. An overflowing grease trap will let the oils soon enter the standard drain and this is why grease trap cleaning is important. Once you grease trap overflows because of neglect, then your drainage problems will be greater.

Your drains can clog if you don’t clean your grease traps. With a clogged drain, your kitchen sink is rendered useless until something is done to clear up the clog. This is why cleaning grease traps is very important for businesses because you don’t want your business to slow down because of a clogged drain. The difficult to cleaning out fats and oils from the pipe would mean a longer time for the plumber to unclog the drain.

A major problem would be if the fats and oils from unmaintained grease traps would go to the public septic tanks and water disposal systems and cause them to be clogged. If the septic tank backs up, then human waste can bubble up the surface. This can cause unpleasant odors and major damage to the ground where the tank is buried.

You can also avoid kitchen fire if you regularly clean your grease trap. When grease burns, it is extremely hot and it is not easy to put out. Pouring water on the flame is not a solution since the flame can spread further throughout the kitchen, which you will not longer be able to contain. Major fires can be avoided if there is only little oil that we are dealing with. However, the bad thing about an unclean grease trap is that the oil and fats can spread to places where you don’t check. One stovetop burner left unattended or a few moments when the grills gets too hot, your kitchen can suddenly burst in flames.

A chemical fire extinguisher can contain a large fire but if it is not possible then you need to call the fire department and evacuate to safety.

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