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Different Types of Security Lighting Systems

Safety is very important for many home owners and that is why they try to find the best way to secure their homes. There are now a lot of security systems out there that one can use. There are a lot of sophisticated alarm systems you can install in your home, but one of the simplest ones and less costly is a security lighting system.

There are some home owners who are reluctant to get lighting security systems because they think that it will just increase their energy bills and they don’t want to be disturbed by its brightness at night. Today, however, there are lighting security devices that are designed to light up only when they detect someone approaching the house. These lights operate through two kinds of sensors including infrared sensors and microwave sensors.

When you install infrared lighting security, the light is triggered on when warm objects such as a person or a car is sensed. The microwave sensor sends out high frequency radio waves which can detect anyone within their range as the energy breaks the radio waves. The light goes on when the radio waves are broken.

The lights will turn off after a certain amount of time for both sensors. It can scare off intruders and help you save energy. And, you don’t need to spend extra amounts on your electric bills since the lights are turned off all day.

You can also install automatic security lights for everyday usage. This is useful when your family members drive home at night and the lights will automatically turn on when the sensors detect the car. Comparing the cost to other security systems, lighting security systems are the cheapest.

Home security lighting comes in different types. Some security systems can be used to keep your home safe starting from daylight. Since it includes daytime security, the lighting system has to be kept on at all times. This type of security lighting will cost you much since it involves turning on lights even during day time.

Protect your home with motion-activate flood lights. The flood lights will turn on the moment the sensors detect any kind of motion. This is also energy savings and if there are intruders, they will be caught by surprise.

Another form of security lighting is that which stays on low power and will become fully bright when it detects motion. The name for this security lighting is ‘hi-lo’ lighting.

If you want to install any kind of security lighting systems in your home, then you should call professional electrical experts and technicians. They also do maintenance and repair for lighting security systems offered to customers are reasonable prices.

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