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Making Your Home a Little More Exciting

There are a lot of homes today that lack the element of excitement when you enter it. If you enter many homes today, they are clean and properly kept but the designs are mostly traditional which does not give an mood of excitement at all but what you get are boring walls and furniture around you. Traditional designs are neat but if you want to have a really cool home, they you have to take risks, and many people don’t want to do that. Insisting to have a traditional look in your home will make it look dull and generic instead of modern, trendy, and exciting. Interesting homes are created when owners are willing to try something different. Below are some ways to do just that – bringing a modern twist to your home.

Many times, a lot of homeowners are really unsure what the best color to paint their walls is. If you observe a lot of living rooms today, they look very dull when it comes to color. Their walls are not really colored. People say you can’t get wrong with white or magnolia, but on walls, yes, it is a safe, non risky color, but dull. However, this also means that your home will not have a real personality. Feature something on one of the walls and this can help add live to your living room. One walls should be painted a vibrant yellow or burgundy while the other three walls can remain white. It might be extreme but with proper lighting and the white walls all around, it will not soon overpower your room. You room will be a little more exciting with this.

Many times there are so many furniture lined up in our living room like it is a showcase of some famous company, just like all the other homes in your neighborhood. This is a problem since most homeowners patronize products from this really big furniture company. If you want to really have an interesting home, go somewhere nobody else goes. Look for coffee table sets from a local shop. Your home will then have that trendy flair that you don’t see in other people’s homes. You home will not be like the rest but is a uniquely designed modern home.

If you can have the same furniture as everyone else’s, you can also have the same home d?cor are they do. If you don’t want to have decors similar to what your neighbors have, then don’t buy decors from large stores. Instead, go to a thrift shop or little antique shops. Most of the time you won’t even spend more money in these small shops but the reward is that you will be able to bring home something unique. You will find great ideas for decorating your home in this place.