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Finding a Lawyer for Your Small Business in Canada

Among the best ways top ensure small business success in Canada is to have the right legal advisor. You’ll never know when you’ll need them, whether for your day-to-day operations or a legal issue that requires resolution. In any case, having the right lawyer to help you can be reassuring and let you focus on what you’re good at – managing your business.

Question is, how do you pick a good lawyer?

Specific Field Experience

Find a lawyer who has spent most of his practice helping businesses, if not small businesses specifically. Don’t fuss about their experience with your type of business. Lawyers can catch up on that fast.

Time for You

If a lawyer gets too busy, consider another one. You need no less than their full attentioin.

Willingness to Help

This is usually palpable right on the first meeting you have with the lawyer. Remember, even if you’re paying them, they still have to be genuinely interested in helping you, or you may not get the results you want.

Matching Personality

This is more important than most people think, reason why it’s almost always ignored. Picking a lawyer is similar to shopping for clothes – comfort is priority. No good lawyer is good enough for you if you’re not happy to work with him. Just being human, you and the lawyer.

Reasonable Fees

It’s no good to pick a lawyer simply because they have the cheapest fees. On the other hand, you still have your budget to follow. Get the best one you can afford.

Personal Recommendations

The safest route to a great lawyer is still a personal recommendation. Ask relatives, friends and business associates.

It’s obvious that finding a good lawyer is not something you can do overnight. Your time and attention is needed, if only to avoid the frustrating consequences of making the wrong choice.

Canadian small business life involves various legal issues and needs, and getting the wrong legal advice can lead to financial losses, reduced productivity, and less focus on the business as attention is diverted to these problems. This is why you be serious in finding the right lawyer for your small business. It may feel like a typical routine small business owners go through, but that’s far from the truth. This is the law we’re talking about, and it must be taken seriously at all times, regardless of how small the issue may seem.

Finally, talk to at least two or three lawyers and compare them based on the points raised above. Comparisons are great because they help you see which of your options is actually the best for you.

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