The Timeless and Classical Rug for Your Home – The Beni Ourain Rug

Known for their durability, versatility and luxurious warmth, Moroccan Berber rugs are typically woven with individually selected natural wool, natural dyes, and simple geometric patterns. The natural dyes and simple geometric designs make Berber tribal rugs a good fit for many contemporary and modern themed home interior decoration. Handwoven by the Berber Tribes, the Berber tribal rugs have had a long history that started from the small sheep of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

The Berber Tribes are made up of a multitude of tribes living in the Atlas Mountain region, and the Berber tribal tradition of producing hand-woven Moroccan rugs is several millennia years old. Unlike decorative rugs, Berber tribal rugs were mostly made for utility and practicality. Traditionally, they are used for routine lifestyle functions such as sleeping mats, bed coverings, blankets, and saddle blankets. Each individual tribe has their own unique pattern designs. They can be woven thick for warmth for the snow-capped Atlas Mountain peaks or woven thin for traveling the hot climate of the North Sahara Desert.

Beni Ourain rugs are Moroccan Berber rugs made by the Beni Ourain tribe who lives deep in the Atlas Mountains using their own sheep. Most Beni Ourain rugs are white, off-white, or ivory and remain undyed even as a final product. With a light ivory background and dark brown patterns, the patterns tell the story of the weaver’s tribe in a language of geometry. The neutral off-white wool is a great complement to a minimalist, modern, or contemporary room.

Modern Berber rugs can be made out of many different materials such as nylon or synthetic Olefin fibre. However, authentic Moroccan Berber tribal rugs are always made out of 100% pure sheep wool and are hand weaved using weaving methods that are passed down from generation to generation. Each authentic piece is of the highest and timeless quality that can become family heirlooms.

Berber rugs can have may uses and benefits. Berber rugs can be highly durable and somewhat stain resistant due to the high lanolin content of the wool. The simple luxury of Berber rugs can bring warmth and ethnicity to any room.

Traditionally, Berber rugs are woven to fit the dimensions of a long room. Now, depending on the manufacturer, many sizes are available for the modern home. Regardless which room you wish to display a Berber rug, many sizes are available to fit your interior design needs. These rugs can be woven as small as 150 cm by 100 cm, making it suitable to fit under a coffee table in your living room. They can also be woven as large as 400 cm by 300 cm, the dimensions of a small room. Each piece on display in your home is a work of art – one of a kind. Simple patterns of squares, diamonds, triangles, and lines makes the room timeless and clutter free.

Durable and practical, Berber tribal rugs are luxurious works of art to bring into your home. Because of their versatility, you can use them in many different ways to keep warm and comfortable. However, whether you decide to use Berber rugs for decoration as a floor rug in front of a fireplace or as a covering on your bed as a supplemental cosy winter source of warmth, Berber rugs are long lasting investments to upscale the interior decoration of your home. Visit City Cows for more information.