Month: November 2019

Crow Creek Designs 

Crow Creek Designs is Jess Crow’s brainchild whereby she seeks to build a community around woodworking and art. Jess, an Alaskan woman, possesses impeccable skills in woodworking and art. This has earned her a solid reputation far and wide.  She has impressed many with her style of furniture in which she uses vibrant colors and patterns inspired by nature and the beauty of the wood canvas she uses to make her products. Alaskan woman building a community around woodworking and art.

 Crow Creek Designs offer a wide range of artwork and beautiful designs.  Here are some of the products you’ll find at Crow Creek Designs.

Orca whale resin painting

This marine life inspired tabletop from Crow Creek Designs allows you to add animal-themed décor in your home. The meticulous and intricate detailing of marine life makes the Orca whale resin painting an artistic piece. The stylish killer whale calf …

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