The Game of Mix and Match – 3 Tips to Match the Hardware with the Cabinets

We have come a long way from the time when a kitchen used to be just the place where you cook. That was a time when every homeowner would just throw in a few things here and there to create a functional kitchen. Now, in the current scenario, kitchen has evolved a lot and has become work of art, literally. It is not just the functionality and storage anymore. Now, a kitchen is for an enhanced visual appeal too. So, when you are designing the interior of your kitchen, make sure you are taking care of all the elements that can actually make or break the whole look.

When we talk about kitchen décor, we think of cabinetry to be the most prominent fixture for obvious reasons. It occupies a large space in the whole kitchen. Now, when you are choosing and setting up your cabinets, do you just think of the functionality it has to offer and the texture and color you need to choose? Well, for the look of the cabinets, choosing the right hardware is also important. Kitchen hardware like knobs handles, and faucets occupy not so significant space in terms of volume but play pivotal roles for creating the perfect design you have aimed for. So, if you are wondering how you can choose the right kitchen hardware, you are in the right place. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Go by the Theme

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to go by the theme that you have selected for the kitchen interior. When you are going for the best accessories for your kitchen, think about how it is decorated. Is it a traditional kitchen with a warm welcoming feel, coziness and a lot of wooden texture? Or it is a modern kitchen with sleek design and minimal finish? In any case, the hardware for each kitchen will be different. When you are designing a country kitchen with rustic charm, going for brass or copper hardware can be a good option. For a more traditional conservative look, wooden or steel or black pulls and knobs will do the job. For a modern minimal kitchen, always go for steel. While choosing your RTA kitchen cabinets, make sure you are paying attention to the theme.

Cohesive Finish

Mix and match can be a good idea alright. But the cohesion of design should never be disturbed when you are choosing to mix and match. After all, no element in your kitchen should look out of the place. For example, for the base cabinets, you have chosen brushed nickel. But for the upper cabinets, if you choose steel, it will look really odd in terms of cohesion. So, when you are choosing hardware, make sure you are going by the cohesion of the design and finish. It will be always a better idea that you choose to get the hardware from the store you are purchasing your cabinet. But in case if you don’t get all the handles, knobs and pulls at one place, make sure you are getting a similar finish at least from the other store.

Know When to Use Knob and Pull

This is the most common dilemma that everyone goes through. When you are choosing cabinet handles, make sure you know the difference between pulls and knobs. When you are choosing a rustic or vintage kitchen cabinet with detailing and textures, going for knobs will be a better option. They are durable and won’t attract much attention. When you are creating a sleek modern look, pulls can be the best option. Functional, straightforward and stylish, pulls can be the ideal hardware for walnut or cherry wood cabinets.

So, now as you know about these ways you can choose the hardware for your kitchen cabinets, what are waiting for? Implement these ideas and create a stunning design.