Month: February 2020

How to Convert Your Home So That It’s Safe for Aging Parents

There are a whole lot of things that you need to think about as you convert your home in advance of moving in your parents for their primary caregiving. For starters you want to be sure that you have eliminated any threats that could pose any danger to your parent. Whether that means improving visibility in the home or re-arranging the furniture to make it easy for your parents to get around without tripping over something, converting the home for their comfort and security is of paramount importance. 

You and your parents arrived at this decision for the purposes of keeping them healthy and happy. But there is some work to be done. Let’s review some of the most crucial steps that should be taken first, courtesy of your favorite in-home senior care company in Clearwater.  

Improve Your Lighting

Seniors can already be dealing with impaired eyesight. It’s …

5 Genius Kitchen Organization Ideas

Homeowners have many questions when it comes to their cabinets. Can I find good kitchen cabinet refinishing near me? How do I organize kitchen cabinets if I can’t afford to refinish and I need another way to spruce up my kitchen? How did my cabinets get this messy and unorganized? Who do I get to help me answer all of these questions? 

The good news is that you can find answers to at least some of these questions if you just read ahead. We’re going to give you five genius kitchen organization ideas to get your kitchen area looking nice and neat all over again. We get it, life gets pretty crazy sometimes and you don’t always have the opportunity to keep things tidy. Now is the time to take a minute and get your cabinets back on track.

1. Clear Out the Clutter

Let’s face it, your cabinets …

Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles and How to Choose One

The most common types of kitchen cabinets that homeowners just like you choose often: 

Traditional Style Cabinets

Many homes across the country have this type of cabinet installed. These are a very popular choice as they feature doors with raised panel facades and beadboard motifs. You can find these cabinets in a wide range of colors, from the simple like white or beige to more bold and brilliant choices like red or even black. You can find traditional cabinets in a variety of options, features, and aesthetics, including inset recessed doors and wood exteriors. 

Shaker Style Cabinets

You’ve seen a shaker cabinet before, it’s very possible you or someone you know has them in their kitchen. You can recognize shaker cabinets by the flat panel doors, wood finishes, and rail frames. These tend to come in neutral colors and they are at home in just about any design scheme. Shaker …

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Wooden Deck Looking Like New

A wood deck is going to take a lot of punishment over the course of its lifetime. That’s why building a deck means you are taking on a whole lot of responsibility. The type of abuse that decks can withstand comes in the form of harsh sunlight, wind, snow, rain, and sleet. All of these impacts bring high levels of moisture and that spells bad news for your wooden deck. 

But you can fight back, take the necessary steps to help keep your wood deck looking new and it doesn’t even matter what type of species of wood you installed. Your deck building service probably suggested that you put in a wood deck that comes with protective safeguards that are designed to make your deck resistant to all the types of wear and tear it will face over a long period of time. 

They likely told you that you would …

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Bedroom

When you want to paint a room in your home you call in Richmond Painters to have the work done beautifully and professionally. But before you get the experts to show up with their brushes and rollers you must first decide what color you want on your walls. 

Every room has certain characteristics that need to be considered and the bedroom is no different. In fact, some would argue that getting the color of your bedroom right is paramount to your enjoyment of that room. This is where you sleep, where you replenish yourself, and wake up with the energy to take on another busy day. 

That means you want the room to promote rest, relaxation, and tranquility. So, you need to find the color that helps to do just that. Here are five tips to consider as you make this important selection: 

1. Consider the Characteristics of Your Bedroom

5 Maintenance Tips That Will Help Prevent Roof Leaks

A leaking roof isn’t just a pain in the neck it can also be costly, leading to more problems that can end up having you spending hundreds if not thousands in repairs. That’s why it’s so important that you perform routine maintenance to prevent those leaks from occurring. 

Trust us, you would much rather take some simple steps for ensuring that your roof is in good shape than paying a roofing company in Omaha to come out to your house and perform those pricey repairs. Good maintenance helps to preserve the life of your roof and extend the life of all the components that work together for keeping your home dry and safe for you and your family. 

So, let’s consider the five most important maintenance tips that will prevent your roof from leaking. 

1. Clear Off the Debris

Roofs can collect all kinds of detritus and debris such as …

Deciding What Type of Fence to Install on Your Property

Installing a fence is one of those tasks you want to do just once. Trouble is, you have a wide array of options from which to choose. So, while it may be exciting to know that you have such a wealth of choices before you, it can also be easier to make a mistake. 

But the biggest problem is that most homeowners overthink the decision when, in reality, as long as you keep the basics in mind, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in every instance. So, let’s make this simpler from the outset, here are the things to take into account as you decide what type of fence you want to install on your property. 

The Functions of a Fence

From the very start, you need to think about why you’re putting up this fence. Better yet, think about what a fence is designed to accomplish. First …

Seven Ways to Decorate Empty Bedroom Wall

An empty bedroom wall is a blank canvas waiting for you to put colors in it; to remind who you are, every time you call it a night. Your bedroom should be comfortable, cozy and classy. Thus, the blank wall needs the same care which you put in for choosing the bed, lights and the carpets.

But if you’re running out of sanity, here are seven wall decorating ideas for your bedroom.

Turn it into an accent wall

A few boxes of paint, a paintbrush and a lazy Sunday afternoon is all that you need to turn an empty wall into an accent wall. Cover the furniture and paint the wall in a tone complementing the other walls. You can also play with the painter’s tape to get stripes or geometrical shapes on the wall.

Create a gallery wall

Nothing can better motivate you than a gallery wall which you …