Seven Ways to Decorate Empty Bedroom Wall

An empty bedroom wall is a blank canvas waiting for you to put colors in it; to remind who you are, every time you call it a night. Your bedroom should be comfortable, cozy and classy. Thus, the blank wall needs the same care which you put in for choosing the bed, lights and the carpets.

But if you’re running out of sanity, here are seven wall decorating ideas for your bedroom.

Turn it into an accent wall

A few boxes of paint, a paintbrush and a lazy Sunday afternoon is all that you need to turn an empty wall into an accent wall. Cover the furniture and paint the wall in a tone complementing the other walls. You can also play with the painter’s tape to get stripes or geometrical shapes on the wall.

Create a gallery wall

Nothing can better motivate you than a gallery wall which you see every time you enter or leave the bed. Wooden sculptures, alphabet and letter wall panels, portraits, quotes posters or a combination of all those gives your bedroom wall a personality.

You can even hang an abstract metal wall art organizer to keep your notes, reminders and photos in one place.

Paint a wall mural

Flowery art, mountains, abstract designs, polka dots or a cityscape, whatever you feel like having on your walls, draw it. You can even do a large size reproduction of the first prize winner painting from sixth-grade.

And if you aren’t in the mood to be artistic enough, buy stencils to paint your imagination.

Hang a set of art

A bunch of rustic wood-carved wall art or antique metal wall hangings can give your room a farmhouse look. Complete the style with beige walls and wooden furniture. And if you’re a practitioner of minimalism, check this minimal wall art set for your bedroom.

Pin posters you love

Fun posters hung around the walls can help you calm down after a stressful day. Whether you are a binge-gamer, a traveler or a fan of Avengers, you’ll find posters to suit your preferences. And the best thing is – you can nail them, tape them or frame them on your wall.

Add some texture

Get your hands dirty with plaster or drywall mud for interesting textures and shadow-plays. If not, check faux painting techniques like blotting, sponging or color washing too can generate a sense of texture using paints. Crumpled papers, rags or combs, all come handy.

3D arts too, create a sense of depth.

Arrange wall panels

Arranging glass and metal wall panels, wooden boards or canvas art blocks in a style you like can also revive the walls and your bedroom. Combine them with artistic wall decals and see the walls coming to life.

Those were some wall decor ideas which won’t cost you a fortune. So, get set and start a DIY project this weekend. And if you’ve got more ideas to put on the wall, share them in the comments below.