5 Genius Kitchen Organization Ideas

Homeowners have many questions when it comes to their cabinets. Can I find good kitchen cabinet refinishing near me? How do I organize kitchen cabinets if I can’t afford to refinish and I need another way to spruce up my kitchen? How did my cabinets get this messy and unorganized? Who do I get to help me answer all of these questions? 

The good news is that you can find answers to at least some of these questions if you just read ahead. We’re going to give you five genius kitchen organization ideas to get your kitchen area looking nice and neat all over again. We get it, life gets pretty crazy sometimes and you don’t always have the opportunity to keep things tidy. Now is the time to take a minute and get your cabinets back on track.

1. Clear Out the Clutter

Let’s face it, your cabinets are probably filled with things you don’t use, need, or even forgot you had. Time to move it all out. You won’t miss it, partly because it’s old and unusable at this point and partly because you haven’t found a purpose for it up until now. 

So, it’s time to go. We’re talking expired food, household items that sounded like a good idea at the time you bought them from Amazon and then never even took out of the box, and broken utensils that you’re hanging onto for no good reason. It’s all clutter and it’s doing you no good. 

2. Increase Your Space

Every homeowner feels like their cabinet space is at a minimum. You’re likely no different in that regard as you wonder where you’re going to put it all. Time to maximize your storage by using some helpful devices that will increase your space without sacrificing any of the items you need to store. 

This includes rack systems and lazy susans, both of which can make every inch of your storage fully functional and accessible…and both of which are available at Amazon. 

3. The Organization Process

Organization is about more than just clearing away what you no longer need or want, it’s about arranging your cabinets so that you can reach everything you need. So, group food items together for easier access, pastas and pasta sauces together, spices and cooking oils side by side, etc. 

4. Don’t Ignore the Door

Your kitchen cabinet doors serve one primary purpose, to protect your items within. But give them additional functionality and purpose by turning the back of the doors into usable storage space. Stick a few hooks on them or place a rack or two to give you extra storage space in every cabinet. 

5. Take Notes

Unless your cabinet doors have glass windows, you can’t really see what’s inside unless you open the doors and peer in. Make it easier on yourself by placing a chart of all the food you have in the cabinet and expiration dates. That way you can check your chart or list and know immediately when something needs to be used or placed in the freezer before it expires.