Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles and How to Choose One

The most common types of kitchen cabinets that homeowners just like you choose often: 

Traditional Style Cabinets

Many homes across the country have this type of cabinet installed. These are a very popular choice as they feature doors with raised panel facades and beadboard motifs. You can find these cabinets in a wide range of colors, from the simple like white or beige to more bold and brilliant choices like red or even black. You can find traditional cabinets in a variety of options, features, and aesthetics, including inset recessed doors and wood exteriors. 

Shaker Style Cabinets

You’ve seen a shaker cabinet before, it’s very possible you or someone you know has them in their kitchen. You can recognize shaker cabinets by the flat panel doors, wood finishes, and rail frames. These tend to come in neutral colors and they are at home in just about any design scheme. Shaker cabinets fit in just about anywhere. 

Glass Door Style Cabinets

The appeal of glass door fronts is that you can see inside the cabinet even when the door is shut. This can add a unique design flair to your interior décor. You tend to see glass door fronts on upper tiers of cabinets as you can show off your expensive dinnerware, collectors’ glassware, or whatever you wish to display. Another benefit is that you can see what you are looking for in any cabinet before opening it. This helps to maintain the cabinet from getting dusty by opening the doors less often. 

Rustic Style Cabinets

This is a very unique and particular design that really only works in homes that can support such a choice with an overall similar aesthetic. Rustic cabinets are like something you might see in a country cabin or farmhouse style home. They are recognizable by their lack of glossy finish, appearing like the homeowner built them him or herself. They come with hardware and accents that are made of wrought-iron and have a specific authenticity about them that completes the picture of a down-home, familiar, and inviting kitchen space. 

Contemporary Style Cabinets

Pretty much the direct opposite of rustic cabinets, contemporary cabinets are sleek, slick, and modern. They take a minimal approach in everything from the design of the doors to the hardware. You can find these cabinets in unorthodox shapes and sizes, which makes them ideal for contemporary home kitchen interiors. Many of these cabinets are made from metal, plastic, composite wood, and you will typically find glass as a primary component of their design. 

How to Choose the Cabinet Style That’s Right for You

The above are just some of the many design types that you can find on the market. But with such a wide range of options available, choosing beautiful kitchen cabinets in Richmond, VA, can be a bit of a challenge. Some cabinet styles can be introduced into many different interior décor schemes, others are best-suited for just one. 

So, if you have a contemporary home, your cabinet style options are somewhat smaller than if you are living in a more traditional home. 

You can make this a lot easier by taking your kitchen décor into account. Go with the aesthetic that has already been established as your jumping off point. You will be able to tell which cabinets look best in your kitchen pretty quick. It may be surprising how quickly you are able to whittle down your choices to just three or four potential candidates. 

Look for Functionality

We all know that it’s important for your kitchen to look amazing. But some cabinet styles may lack the functionality and features that you really want. Not all cabinet doors are equal, they operate differently from one another. Some swing out, others slide. These are things you want to factor into your decision. 

Think about what kind of storage space you want in your kitchen. This will depend greatly on what you plan to keep in your cabinets. Most homeowners store the usual stuff, dinnerware, plates, glasses, utensils, food, oils and spices, and so on. But if you have a lot of small appliances that need a place to live you may want to think about how your chosen cabinets will accommodate these items. 

Your Wall Space

Cabinets take up a whole lot of wall space. So, think about how best to utilize that space with your kitchen storage. Too much cabinet can make the room cramped and uncomfortable. Above all, be sure you love what you choose, you’re going to be looking at it every single morning and evening when it’s time for breakfast and coffee before work and you sit down with your family for dinner.