How to clean your sewer drain with Easy Rooter

Everyone once heard their neighbor complain how their sewer is congested. It can be very messy to have such a problem, with sewer being one of the nastiest problems in the house, cleaning can be hard for some people. But to save money, you can do the job by yourself.

Easy rooter is specified for larger scale congested. When only one drain is backed up, the clog is likely to be in the smaller line leading directly from that drain, if so, easy rooter is not the tool you should use. You need to consult your rental dealer for cleaning smaller drains. If you want to learn how to clean smaller drains on your own, click here. If you have many drains affected, the problem is probably in a larger line. The easy rooter is the best choice for this job. Sewer drain cleaning can be a difficult job, so picking a right company to help you out can benefit you.

Security measures are necessary

Easy rooter is a safe clean way to clear your pipes from dirt or other materials. But there are some things you need to check before starting the job. Because you work with a machine and the work area is surrounded by water, you need to be very careful. First, check the power cable to be sure there are no frays or cuts. If there are, when it comes to a contact with water, the results could be catastrophic.

It can be the case that your cable isn’t long enough. In that case, use a three wire heavy duty extension cord. Make sure its grounding prong is in place, using an ungrounded extension cord could be very dangerous.

To be safe try not standing in water and wear leather gloves so your hands are protected when you are handling the cables. Also, gloves will protect you from dirty water. Another tip you can use is to wear protective glasses because sometimes debris can be thrown by rotating cable, this isn’t usually the case, but safety is in the first place.

Operating with the machine

Remember that easy rooter is a one-man job, don’t let anyone interfere with your work, handling the pedal by two people can be dangerous.

You need to choose the right cutter for you draining problem. There are usually five types of cutters you can choose from. Your rental dealer will supply the right tools for your needs. The spearhead cutter and a 2-inch U cutter are good cutters to start with. You should start from the smaller cutters and when you finish with them move to bigger ones. There is also a 3-inch heavy duty saw blade, which is used for cutting through tree roots and heavy materials. When attaching the cutters, make sure the machine is turned off.

Place the machine two feet from the drain opening when starting the job, to avoid cable whipping. Loosen the thumbscrew on the cage and pull the cable into the drain. When it won’t go any further, pull out some more so the cable is bowed, then tighten the thumbscrew on the cage. The air foot paddle should be close to you, so you can always reach it. Next step is to turn the machine on to the forward position. Use your both hands on the cable to make it more secure. At the beginning stop and start the machine by using a paddle for few times, so you can feel how strong is it.

You shouldn’t force the cable into the drain, just guide it slowly in. When the cable slack is gone, stop the cable by releasing the pedal, loosen the thumbscrew and pull out some more cable. The cable needs to turn on its own while the cage is rotating, if it gets stuck, the cable will start to buckle and twist itself into loops. If your hands get caught in a loop you risk severe injury.

Move the cable few inches at a time until the drain is clear. When the drain is clear, slowly pull the cable out and feed it back into the cage. The motor switch should still be in forward position. When you get close to the end of the cable, stop the machine and pull it out of the drain carefully.

Easy rooter is a perfect way to clear your main lines. It is manageable by one person, so everyone can do the job even if it’s for the first time.